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Herbal Book GOLD

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개발자: Lifestyle Guru, LLC
9.99 USD

Herbal Book GOLD is a guide to the world of plants and herbs. You will have the access to the dictionary, that contains a lot of useful information about medical herbs, aroma oils and their features.

Herbal Book GOLD is an amazing guide that opens secrets of herbs:
** Make a hot herbal tea to make FLU GO AWAY ;
** Make a herbal mask for your HAIR to make them GROW STRONGER AND BEAUTIFUL;
** Make a tasty tea that will help you TO SLEEP BETTER at night and more!

HOW IT WORKS: Open Herbal Book GOLD and you will learn interesting information about plants you probably use every day in the kitchen. For instance, the lemon is not only a perfect addition to evening tea. You can make perfect LEMON MASK for your skin or LEMON CLEANSE.

>>>>> SECRETS OF CENTURIES WERE COMBINED IN A MODERN PRODUCT - the application Herbal Book GOLD. And know your are HAVE A CHANCE TO USE THEM! <<<<<<

Herbal Book GOLD Features:
- There are more than 30 different recipes: TEA, MASKS, SOAPS and other remedies for you;
- Learn how to stay in a good health and be beautiful with help of common herbs and plans;
- Find out how to deal with diseases symptoms using herbs;
- Private herb guidebook in your pocket;
- Discover all herbs and their secretes;
- Learn more about treatments;

Use our herbs book to keep your natural beauty with natural treatment!